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Thunderstruck - America's Ultimate Tribute to AC/DC

$25.00 - $40.00

About This Event

This event is 18+ however minors are permitted w/ parent or legal guardian.

Presented by KZ106
This show currently has no COVID safety requirements for attendees. This is subject to change. If this changes we will be sure to update this page as well as notify all ticket buyers via email.

Artist Info

Thunderstruck - America's Ultimate Tribute to AC/DC

Thunderstruck gives fans so much more than the sound of AC/DC, they  truly capture the high voltage energy and experience. For fans, it's about  a sense of familiarity, and it's about a feeling that snatches up listeners  and takes over. It's about a contagious kind of power and electricity that  few AC/DC tribute bands can provide. From Tyler Melen's ridiculously  non-stop on-stage performance replicating the Angus Young of the 70's  and 80's, to Bobby Lee Stamper's versatile vocals mimicking both Bon  Scott and Brian Johnson ranges, to the incredible rhythm section made  up of Kevin Feller on rhythm guitar, Corey Baetz on drums, and Chris  Jones on bass, Thunderstruck gives a complete and consistently quality  live show as true to the spirit of AC/DC that you can possibly get.  

Thunderstruck: America's AC/DC has performed tribute shows  throughout the nation, with a consistent record of sold out shows from  coast-to-coast. Thunderstruck, officially established in 2015 (but  existing in other variations for several years prior), has continued to  grow its fan base by playing at larger venues with a concert atmosphere,  sometimes for even two-night engagements, as well as performing at  major music festivals including the Pensacola Tribute Fest and the 1075  The Rock Rock Fest, in addition to live stream performances for major  brands such as Number Juan Tequila (the band’s sponsor)  and Monsters of Rock. 

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