Wizards Beer Festival
Over 20+ Magical Beers

Wizards Beer Festival

Slytherin Sisters, DJ DumbelDore

$35.00 - $45.00
Ages 21+
The Wizards Beer Festival at The Signal in Chattanooga, TN

*Rescheduled from April 11, August 15 & October 24th.

The Wizards Beer Festival is coming to Chattanooga for a night of beer, debauchery and mischief. Our venue is transformed into a wizarding verse of wonders full of areas to explore.

The Grand Hall will host tastings of over twenty magical beers. Our student guests can explore and drink their way through the Lair of Secret Cider and Potions as well as the Boozy Cauldron Tavern Bar, known for their Adult Butterscotch Beer and other delectable drinks.

The enchanted shops of the magic village will be full of characters, photo ops, wizardy vendors, and plenty of food. There will be live music from the Slytherin Sisters and DJ DumbelDore.

**The Wizards Beer Festival has been touring across the nation and has been covered by the likes of LADBible, Thrillist, Elite Daily, Delish and more. Don't miss the opportunity to go to this unique event as this tour only makes one stop in each city before disapearing forever.

$35 Pre-sale Tickets until 3/9


Absolutely no refunds - no exceptions. Lineups and times are subject to change. Any ticket suspected of being purchased for the sole purpose of reselling can be canceled at the discretion of The Signal and/or Eventbrite. Valid government-issued photo ID required for entry to age-restricted events. Tickets available at the door (if not sold out). No re-entry. Physical tickets available at the box office.